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How is the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (NCJAA) run?

This section explains our formal governance processes. We have a constitution and an elected steering group which sets the organisation’s strategic direction and our annual meeting is open to all in our network. The NCJAA is managed by Clinks, the national infrastructure organisation supporting voluntary sector organisations working in the criminal justice system. This relationship is governed by Terms of Reference (pdf).

Our steering group

The current steering group, co-chaired by Anna Herrmann and Simon Ruding with Abdul Shayek as Vice Chair, was elected in June 2020.

The group meets a minimum of four times a year. Steering group members are expected to join one additional sub-group. Sub-groups focus their work around a specific theme, and commit to additional meetings and consultations.

Our steering group membership includes representatives of

Current co-opted members include representatives of:

What does the steering group do?

The steering group has a number of roles that include:

  • Working with the NCJAA Director and Clinks to set priorities, agree the budget, and respond to any changes in government policy in relation to arts and criminal justice
  • Developing a work plan for the year and contributing towards guiding this work to ensure it supports arts and criminal justice work effectively.

Where can I find out more?

If you would like to know more about the steering group contact info@artsincriminaljustice.org.uk.

To get a flavour of the group’s meetings and areas of interest, minutes from previous steering group meetings are available on request.

Image courtesy of Intermission Theatre