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Rebecca Hammond

Meet the team

Rebecca Hammond

Rebecca Hammond
Project Manager

Rebecca joined the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (NCJAA) in October 2019, to lead Inspiring Futures, an ambitious programme of work combining a ground-breaking artistic programme in prisons and the community with embedded participative research from the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology. Rebecca’s role also involves supporting the NCJAA Director in her work engaging the network and promoting arts within criminal justice.

Rebecca previously worked for the Samaritans, supporting the Listener scheme across the UK and Ireland. She has a wealth of experience volunteering in prisons and working with people in the CJS. Before that she was an employment solicitor, advising and representing individuals, charities and social enterprises. She holds a BA in English & Related Literature from the University of York and an MA in English Literature from King’s College London.

By joining Rebbecca Hemmings at the NCJAA, Rebecca Hammond has entirely scuppered the team’s nomenclature.

Header image courtesy of Prisoners’ Education Trust (c) Rebecca Radmore